Simple ideas to boost your well being!

Hey everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! I hope you find something in this blog which can help you boost your emotional well-being!

Looking after your well-being is important – no more so than now in this current global pandemic.

This blog will focus on one aspect of well-being – the emotional side. I have suggested some simple suggestions to help boost your emotional well-being.

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Some studies suggest that if you regularly experience a poor nights sleep, you may put yourself at risk from some serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease.

One simple and easy way we can all improve our emotional well-being is to make sure we get enough sleep at night.

If we don’t get enough, good quality sleep then over time our emotional well-being may begin to suffer. For instance, we may find it harder to concentrate during the day, we may become irritable and lack motivation. For some people.  A lack of sleep can result in headaches including migraines.

Adapting a ‘sleep routine’ may help. By this I mean adapting good habits to implement before you go to sleep. Some idea to help with developing a sleep routine are detailed below and may include going to bed at a reasonable hour and sticking to that time. Before you go to bed you may want to try some of the following suggestions:

herbal tea

Herbal teas:

When I am winding down and thinking about going to bed I like to have a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile. Chamomile is known for its calming properties. I sometimes sweeten my tea with a little honey or maple syrup.

Remove external distractions:

If you fall asleep with the television on, then you may want to try setting a timer (if your television has an inbuilt timer then use it) that automatically switches off the television after you have fallen asleep.

If you fall asleep whilst listening to the radio, again if your radio has an internal timer then use it!

If your television or radio does not have an inbuilt timer consider the use of a timer plug.

As part of your new ‘sleep routine’ then make sure you switch off your mobile phone – I tend to have one last look at my mobile whilst drinking my herbal tea!  Looking at your mobile device directly before going to bed will only keep your brain stimulated and will prevent you from achieving your goal of getting a good nights sleep.

Remember – your aim is to get to sleep and sleep throughout the night so you wake up refreshed!


Some of us may find that our issue is falling asleep in the first place! We lie there tossing and turning with our thoughts keeping us awake and stopping us from falling asleep. Meditation just before bed can help you switch off your mind and your thoughts, it can relax you so that you get to sleep a little quicker. This can be beneficial if you have had a busy or stressful day as meditation can help you to ‘let go’ of all thoughts allowing you to relax and fall asleep.

I tend to use either a guided meditation exercise or I listen to calming meditation music whilst in bed and I find it works for me!

Try You-Tube to help you find a form of meditation that works for you.

Essential oil

Essential Oils:

Certain essential oils can also be used as an aid to a good nights sleep. You may need to experiment a little in order to find the one that works for you.

Once you have found your oil, you may wish to sprinkle a drop on your pillow or a tissue that you keep near to you. Personally, I like to add a few drops into a diffuser. The diffuser I use has a timer that I switch on 30 minutes before bed time and I set it for an hour.

I can then drift off to sleep without stimulation just the meditation music playing in the background and the room filled with a lovely evocative aroma.

I use lavender essential oils in my diffuser but if you don’t like lavender you may want to try something like Valerian essential oil as Valerian is known as an effective remedy for anxiety (which may stop you from falling asleep).  Alternatively you may want to try Marjoram essential oil as this is known as a powerful mood stabiliser – it can calm the nerves and promotes a mellow mindset – this is really useful when trying to sleep.

I have found Rainbow Life which offers some of the solutions I mention above. They provide sustainable and fair trade products. As an affiliate, I receive a small commission on products purchased via my page. The cost you pay is still the same!


This blog has focused on emotional well-being. I hope I have identified the importance of sleep in helping us to achieve a good emotional balance. Sleep allows our bodies to repair itself and helps us to recharge our batteries so we are ready for the challenges of the next day!

I have suggested some ideas you may wish to try to help you focus on your well-being naturally!

I have also suggested Rainbow Life as a source of candles, bath products which aim to promote a good nights sleep!

Please feel free to leave comments below and include the things you do to help you sleep well.

4 thoughts on “Simple ideas to boost your well being!”

  1. Your post on simple ideas to boost your emotional well-being is a good read, particularly this time with so many uncertainties.

    Many people are confused about how to maintain emotional well-being. Some people think it is by taking a long vacation in one of the best resorts. Some people think good food, wine, or having fun with family and friends will boost emotional well-being. But there is consensus that only a simple good night’s sleep can do the magic. It has been shown many times that no medication can work as designed without a good night’s sleep. Even our body metabolism, including food digestion and assimilation, growth, and happiness, depend on emotional well-being.

    It all boils down to getting a good night’s sleep/rest. I have used some of your remedies like herbal teas, scented oils, and avoiding distractions while sleeping. My best herbal tea is called Cozy Chamomile, and scented oil is Eucalyptus oil, and I avoid artificial lights at night. My relaxing music is set to go off after ten minutes.

    I’m cautious with my emotional well-being. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Cal, thank you for your positive comments.  I totally agree with your comment that no medication can work properly without a good nights sleep! I will look out for Cozy Chamomile – I tend to buy the actual herb so I can brew the tea to my taste and depending on how tired I am! 

      Very wise to be cautious with your emotional well-being. Thanks again!

  2. Nice informative post!  I am also a believer in some of the things you mentioned in your post.  I also use essential oils and defuse in the house to clean up the air or make everyone feel calm.  I also agree that getting the right amount of sleep is very important.  Some people don’t put any importance on sleep but it’s needed for our well-being.  Herbal tea’s have always been a go to for boosting my well being!  This site is great for someone looking to boost their well being!

    • Hey Chris,  thank you for your comments. I’m glad you found it interesting. Essential oils and herbals teas are two very simple things that can help with our quality of sleep and well-being. So glad you like the post!


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