Nutribullet 600 series – Ideas for healthy drinks

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I am very into making my own juices (more on this later) and so I thought I would share with you my views on the Nutribullet which I used to make healthier drinks.

Nutribullet 600 series:

Price: Currently £57.99 (you can buy reused ones slightly cheaper)

Includes: Power base, extractor blade, cup (680ml) and some easy recipes.


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Why the Nutribullet?

I am always looking for ways to increase my intake of fresh fruit and vegetable and so the idea of juicing or blending was really appealing to me. I came across the Nutribullet a couple of years ago and love it!

The Nutribullet is like a blender so I can use it to make juices, smoothies and soups. I find that because of the powerful blade that the Nutribullet has, I can use a wide range of ingredients in my drinks including nuts, ice and fibrous vegetables (such as broccoli).

It is important to note that blenders, in this case the Nutribullet, differ from juicers. This is due to the output. Juicers usually take the whole fruit and give you the juice – leaving the pulp and skin behind. That means that juice from a juicer tends to look like juice you can buy from a supermarket. Juicers are a healthy option (when compared to shop bought drinks) because there are no added sugars or preservatives. However, I prefer the Nutribullet because it breaks down ALL the bits of the fruit or vegetable to give you a healthier drink. Nothing is wasted. The juices tend to be thicker because everything gets mixed together.

The power of the thing is simply amazing. I recent sliced a whole mango and added it to the Nutribullet, switched it on and it turned the whole thing (complete with peel) into a delicious smoothie. I love the fact that nothing else was added to the mango but I ended up with such a healthy thick drink.

Usually when I use fruit in the Nutribullet I add a few tablespoons of a plant based yoghurt (natural diary yoghurts are also good to add to smoothies) and nuts. This gives me a healthy breakfast or at least something to start my day – especially if I add rolled oats or protein powder if I want to replace my breakfast with something a little different.

Saving Money:

Those of you who know me, will know I like to save a penny or two (or three!). I used to spend a small amount of money on carton juices nearly every day. Now I use the Nutribullet. This allows me to buy organic, fresh fruit and vegetables and to stick these into the Nutribullet.

I find the fact that the cup is so big (630ml) that when I use it, it produces enough for three drinks. I can have one helping in the morning, one in the afternoon and finish it off in the evening. Although I must admit, most of the time I finish the whole thing in one or two helpings!

If there is anything left over, I stick the whole thing – still in the cup with the top on- in the fridge for later where I can use my thick juice/smoothie instead of an unhealthy snack.

I also like the fact that if I have bought too much fruit and veg, or if at the end of the week, I still have some fruit/veg left over I can add them to the Nutribullet before they go off. Alternatively, if I have enough vegetables Ieft over at the end of the week I can add them to the Nutribullet, blend everything and add the mixture to a pan, add seasoning, heat it up and then I have a lovely thick homemade vegetable soup.


Using the Nutribullet produces almost no waste – fruit and vegetable can be added ‘whole’ – obviously in the case of the mango, for instance, I did remove the seed and with apples and pears you will need to remove the pips or core these fruits before adding them to the Nutribullet. There is no need to add water – if your mixture is too thick, you can add a little yoghurt or cashew milk to thin it out. This means you can control the thickness of your smoothie! Consuming your fruit and vegetable in this way is obviously healthier when compared to most shop bought carton juices.

Using my fruit and vegetables in this way means I can easily take in most or all of my recommended fruit intake in one sitting.

vegetable smoothie

Ease of Use:

The Nutribullet is so easy to use, you add your ingredients (for example chopped or sliced fruit/vegetable, nuts, oats, yoghurt or milk) put the lid on and then place the cup (with the ‘lid’ which contains the blades) into the base. Switch it on and let it do its thing. You have a nice healthy drink or smoothie in next to no time.

I even use my smoothies as a ‘moose’ type desert because they are so rich and creamy and taste delicious after a heavy meal.

Easy to clean:

One of the advantages of the Nutribullet is that it is so easy to clean. When the cup is empty, you can add a little warm soapy water, screw the top on tightly and switch it on for a second or two and then simply give it a rinse – it is now ready for the next use.

You can also wash the cup and top alongside your cups and plates. It really is that simple to clean. Important: never put the power base in water. To clean the base, use a damp cloth or sponge.

Nutribullet size:

Another advantage of using the Nutribullet is its size compared to juicers, the Nutribullet is so small and will fit into most kitchens with relative ease. Of course, this is not an issue if you have a large kitchen with lots of storage space – I have a very small kitchen so this was certainly a factor when deciding on the right product for me.


I hope I have demonstrated by the Nutribullet may be the product for you! If you are looking to make your own juices/smoothies or soups then go no further than a Nutribullet! They are so easy to use and put together. The ease of cleaning is also a feature. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Let me know below, if you have ever used a Nutribullet and what you think or them or even if you prefer a juicer!

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4 thoughts on “Nutribullet 600 series – Ideas for healthy drinks”

  1. Hey thank you so much for this awesome review!  I am currently in the military and live in something that is almost like a college dorm.  It kind of sucks trying to eat healthy here, but one of the ways to do that is by making morning smoothies.  I have personally needed to buy a blender for fruit and protein powder, and this one seems like it would be a good choice.  Do you know if it would be able to blend several different fruits as well as protein powder mixed with milk?  I would put in blueberries, strawberries, a banana, and a star fruit, and maybe some acai berries too.

    • Hey Jessie, thank you for your comment – I am glad you found it useful. Yes, I regularly add mixed fruit (anything left over that I don’t know what to do with lol!) milk and protein powder especially If I want my smoothie to act as a replacement for breakfast. Such a healthy choice. I like the idea of star fruit and acai berries – very upmarket lol. I will certainly use these ingredients next time. 

  2. I have seen the Nutribullet advertised on TV, but I have never read a personal account from someone who has used it until I found your article.  I enjoy fruit drinks, but a juicer is large and hard to clean.  This sounds like the perfect solution.  I am wondering if things like apples need to be peeled or if it can puree the skin.  I appreciate the fact that you have said you get 3 drinks out of a cup because that was another question that came to mind.  Thanks for this article.  I am going to look into this little machine.

    • Hi Anastazja, thank you for taking the time to read my post – I am so pleased you liked it! There is no need to peel the fruit but with apples in particular, it is important to remove the seeds first. I think you also need to remove the seeds from pears. Mine came with a little booklet that explained this. Yes, I get at least three glasses of juice each time I use it! Do let me know how you get on.


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